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Gutters and Downspouts

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Gutters and Downspouts A Look of Distinction

A house is not a house without gutters and downspouts. The roof of a structure can be rendered useless without gutters and downspouts. They are what I call the indispensables given their importance. Going beyond its fundamental function, a house cannot aesthetically be acceptable without gutters and downspouts. It just doesn’t feel right if you ask me. I don’t think builders and architects will ever push through a project without these two in the plan. It is downright silly and utterly wrong.

In the same way, I am pretty sure architects are using these two to accentuate the color scheme of the house that they are designing. In fact, I believe most homeowners are trying different ways to highlight their gutters and downspouts. The reason for this is that it gives them a certain taste of distinction. It differentiates and highlights the features of their house. The angles are the most common head turners. It creates a powerful impression of the size and architectural design that is present in the building.

Looking at modern architectural concepts, some downspouts are shaped in line with the shape of the house. Some are even in tune with the color scheme, design concept and roofing structure. Others, well they just like to make it stand out. Gutters and downspouts usually create a powerful illusion that makes the roof discontinuous with the walls. Attractive roofing will not stand out as you need these two together to complement its design.

Given this scenario, the function of the gutters and downspouts now goes beyond collecting water. If it is not properly maintained, the image of the house can be severely damaged. It can destroy interior and exterior walls, ceiling and even the roof. If the downpour is heavy, floor tiles can also be critically damaged. If the gutters and downspouts are clogged, water will flow down like a river from the roof leaving water marks in the painted wall. This is why they cannot and should never malfunction. The danger it creates is just the starting point. If these remained unfixed, the house will look dilapidated and old. Total renovation will be required if this happens. Sometimes even a reconstruction is inevitable. In fact, a lot of houses nowadays just leave leaking gutters and detached downspouts. This should never be the case. These structures should always be fixed and given its due attention. Cost must be secondary at this point given that the ambiance, the feel and the value of the house is directly related to these two.

gutters and downspouts

How can the house be considered a prime estate if the most noticeable part is destroyed? I don’t think anyone will invest on a property that has a leaking roof or with flowing water similar to Niagara Falls. Point of the matter still remains; never miss out on the most distinguishing part of the house, the gutters and downspouts. It is important to constantly look for ways on how maintain these integral parts. It is also very critical to note that gutters and downspout gives a certain flavor to the house. It separates the average from the great ones.

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